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Markus Hoischen

My experience

With a focus on corporate development, I have been working for 20 years on the strategic positioning of companies as well as on the interface between finance and IT. The long lasting development to Digital Business Building is the logical consequence to bring in my experiences also digitally.

For a long time I have been driven by the question: "Why do organizations work and why don't they work?" I have found answers through my positions at Deutsche Bank, KPMG Management Consulting, Deutsche Post DHL and Otto.

It's the simple things - communication and culture. "You can't fix culture. You have to define the environment. You have to walk the talk." Authentic, creative and empathetic, I work with and for people in the situations that move them. My claim is to fulfill what I promise. How do I get there? If you always talk, you can't listen to the other. We have two ears and a mouth. I use these proportionally.

  • How can the functional and cultural areas of a company be transformed after a company acquisition or sale?
  • How do you assess the decision situation? Sound second opinion for board members, managing directors and supervisory board members.
  • What does 'digital business building' mean for my business model and the transformation of my company?
  • How do you see the financial situation of the company? What would you recommend in the short term?
  • We do not understand our IT landscape and its costs.
  • How can we create transparency and ensure added value for IT?

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