Marilyn Sul

New business development, storytelling for pitches, meetup and diversity management

Marilyn Sul Brain Partner

My experience

I accelerate the digital transformation with female power & expertise from 25 years!

As an empathic listener, I very quickly grasp a situation and the challenge. By looking through the customer's glasses and having a keen sense of detail, I can identify needs and motivations. In combination with my passion, I can inspire at pitches, set up and fill target group oriented meetup formats with life and take people on challenges. I am strongly committed to diversity and help companies to attract and retain female talent. As co-founder of the initiative "Women's Power in IT" I was able to organize various event formats with and for women, generate many valuable insights and empower women.

In the following stations I have developed my skills:

  • Product marketing at Reckitt & Colman Deutschland AG (now Reckitt Benckiser)
  • Qualitative market research as independent entrepreneur with over 500 focus groups
  • Key Account Management and Business Development at the personnel agency SThree GmbH for the IT sector
  • Cooperation management at SThree GmbH for the development of the cybersecurity sector
  • Development of various specific Meetups at SThree GmbH with different event formats
  • Consulting for startups as an independent entrepreneur and as a mentor at Google

I will further develop your organization, provide relevant impulses for finding solutions with a noticeable sustainable added value to accelerate your digital transformation.

your questions

  • How do I stage my pitch for an order so that it inspires the customer?
  • How can I rejuvenate and expand my existing business through Meetups or special collaborations?
  • As a hidden champion, how can I strengthen my awareness and employer branding in the market?
  • How do I create more enthusiasm for all participants, customer and employees, on the Customer Journey?
  • How do I take my employees with me when a change occurs so that they feel comfortable?
  • How do I implement diversity in my company?
  • How do I increase the attractiveness of my company for inspiring & attracting female talent?
  • How do I become an authentically successful networker and how can I strengthen my personal branding?

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