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In the digital transformation, people and companies are often faced with changes that have not yet had to be managed. Only together can this change be met. It often helps to be inspired by people with character, personality and opinion who can report from their own experiences what can happen on the journey of change and which mistakes should not be made a second time.

Brain Orchestra supports decision-makers & executives as a sparring partner exactly when they need us.

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Only with strong and balanced leaders can flourishing and innovative companies develop. With us, you always have a team of experienced managers at your side to help you.

Jan Rodig | Brain Orchestra
Jan Rodig

With more than 10 years of experience in building digital businesses, designing innovative business models and digital services, and creating powerful digital organizations, I am at your side as a sparring partner and expert.

Jan Rodig

Smart Products, Digital Services and Innovative Business Models & Keynote Speakers

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Alisa Türck | Brain Orchestra
Alisa Türck

I have been working in the digital industry for 20 years and have advised medium-sized companies and global corporations on digital marketing. My strength lies above all in the strategic perspective and networking of digital topics. In addition to my technical expertise, I bring an entrepreneurial mindset that makes me an ideal sparring partner for management when it comes to digitization and change management in companies. I always have the big picture in mind and take the people and employees with me on the way there.

Alisa Türck

Change Management, Digital Business Models, Data Monetisation, Digital Branding and Influencer Marketing

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Sascha Zöller | Brain Orchestra
Sascha Zöller

Over the past 20 years, I have assisted over 60 national and international companies in the creation and implementation of corporate strategies. The focus of my work is automated lead and customer acquisition. More and more leads and customers can be found online. I developed the concept of digital sales promotion in order to achieve this in a customer-oriented manner. This concept provides a clear guide and template for companies on how to increase their sales in the long term.

Sascha Zöller

Digital and data-based business models

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Experiences of our customers in sparring with Brain Partners

Dr. Stefan Borsutzky

CEO, Otto Group Solution Provider

Experience in small time units

Brain Orchestra manages to make people's experiences available ad hoc and transparently to other organizations. It will finally close the gap to buy experience in smaller time units. In executive sparring with Markus Hoischen, it was always enriching to gain new impulses and food for thought for the further development of the organization.

Uwe Kolk

CIO, Jungheinrich AG

Catalyst & Implementer

In more than 30 years of IT management, I have gained predominantly bad experiences with external, interim support. Sales-strong organizations, weak content or self-proclaimed experts do not understand much about many things. Brain Ochestra focuses on empowering people to solve upcoming tasks. Whether catalyst or implementer, Brain Orchestra puts effective levers in the hands of the customer.

Hans Ulrich Remfert

former CEO Revell

New impulses and food for thought

Brain Orchestra has successfully advised Revell GmbH &Co.KG on the structuring and implementation of internal processes over a longer period of time. We have come to appreciate Brain Orchestra in the person of Markus Hoischen as very competent and practice-oriented. The cooperation was extremely trusting and goal-oriented. I myself have been able to find interesting impulses and food for thought in direct sparring.

Maximilian Brandl


Excellent cooperation

A very trusting, extremely professional and content-wise excellent cooperation - as with an excellent own employee - gladly again at any time.

Dirk Giesguth

CEO, Giesguth mbH, MeinMassivholz

Convince with implementation strength

Brain Orchestra is fresh, thinks outside the box and convinces with its balance of experience, knowledge and implementation strength. The flexibility and the exchange in direct sparring help me to implement the new paths consistently and reflectively.

Typical sparring situations

We support you with individual sparring offers in numerous subject areas. Brain Partners are a reliable sparring partner in various situations.

Executive Sparring

When it gets political

  • How should I present myself to the shareholder?
  • How do I formulate my answers for the Supervisory Board?
  • How do I deal with possible layoffs?
  • What strategic alternatives do I have to achieve my goal?


If a second opinion is needed

  • Is the document prepared for the supervisory board correct?
  • Can I still strengthen my arguments for the investment decision?
  • Is my decision to change technology the right one?
  • Is the budget I set for you enough?


When it burns

  • Can you make me a presentation about the Budget 2020?
  • Can you guide the SAP implementation?
  • Can you improve these documents with clear examples?
  • Can you make a proposal for the IT project organization?


When prompt expertise is required

  • What does digital transformation actually mean?
  • What are the alternatives to organizational development?
  • How do I set up an IT project correctly?
  • Do I need a sustainability manager?

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