Here you will find questions and answers to frequently asked questions. Your question remains unanswered? Feel free to contact us or book an appointment to get to know us free of charge.

Who is behind Brain Orchestra?

brain orchestra is one network by doers with many years more operative Experience, that executives when sparring partner to the side stand.

Brain Orchestra was founded by Markus Hoischen, who for many years helped to develop leading companies such as KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Otto Group and Deutsche Post DHL in various areas. He wanted to share his experience with other executives.

Currently six Brain Partners have come together at Brain Orchestra. The expertise and the offer increases with new members.

Is Brain Orchestra right for me?

Brain Orchestra is a service for anyone who frequently finds themselves in a situation to bear sole responsibility for decisions. When you often have to manoeuvre through complex political situations, quickly understand and decide on foreign issues, or occasionally want a second independent opinion to support or challenge a decision.

Brain Orchestra can also help you if you need to push a major strategic issue where you can't hire a new employee at short notice.

Typically, we work with them:

  • Top-level executives in large or medium-sized, mostly hierarchically organised companies: CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc.
  • People in middle management positions with budget responsibility and employee responsibility
  • founders
  • organizational pictures

You can make an appointment for a free meeting with us to find out more about whether Brain Orchestra is the solution to your problems.

What are topics that Brain Orchestra can help me with?

We support you in numerous areas such as finance, controlling, business model development, IT product development, innovation management, corporate strategies or even personnel management.

FEEDBACK. If a second opinion is needed

  • Is the document prepared for the supervisory board correct?
  • Can I still strengthen my arguments for the investment decision?
  • Is my decision to change technology the right one?
  • Is the budget I set for you enough?

ADVICE. When it gets political

  • How should I present myself to the shareholder?
  • How do I formulate my answers for the Supervisory Board?
  • How do I deal with possible layoffs?
  • What strategic alternatives do I have to achieve my goal?

ASSISTANCE. When it burns

  • Can you make me a presentation about the Budget 2020?
  • Can you guide the SAP implementation?
  • Can you improve these documents with clear examples?
  • Can you make a proposal for the IT project organization?

LETTER. When prompt expertise is required

  • What does digital transformation actually mean?
  • What are the alternatives to organizational development?
  • How do I set up an IT project correctly?
  • Do I need a sustainability manager?

What happens in the get-to-know session?

With the offer of a 30 minutes of free getting to know each other we would like to give you the opportunity to find out how Brain Orchestra works in practice and whether it fits your needs. Markus Hoischen is your contact person.

It is also important to us that the chemistry is right and that your values match ours. This is the only way we can help you to develop your organisation in the right direction with our advice and active support.

In addition, you should have the opportunity to follow exactly which questions we can assist you with on call.

You can also book individual Brain Partners for a free meeting if you already see whose profile best matches the questions you're currently or regularly dealing with.

What are the costs of Brain Orchestra?

You can book our online consulting services directly via the website. We currently have three options here:

  1. Get to know us for 30 minutes free of charge
  2. 30 minutes with a brain partner.
  3. An hour with a brain partner.

Each Brain Partner sets its own daily rate. As soon as you click on Book appointment, you can see in the booking overview which costs you expect.

You can also commission our Brain Partners individually for individual short or long-term projects. Send us a message and we will get back to you.

How to become a Brain Partner

If you would like to offer your own experiences about Brain Orchestra, please use the following form this contact form.

We are constantly expanding our network and looking forward to expanding more expertise. As different as the expertise of the Brain Partners is, we have several things in common:

  • We are doers
  • We have operational experience
  • We have experience in a line function at first or second management level.
  • We love to support others in developing their strengths and to develop organizations & companies.
  • It is not enough for us to advise, we want to be involved in results, in projects and thus in company success.
  • We have a great deal of specialist knowledge, ideally in a specific subject area or industry, which we would like to pass on.
  • We put our own ego behind it.
  • We would like to work flexibly ourselves are therefore also flexible for our customers.
  • We do not fit into the classic development of a company