Bart de Bruijn

Product Management | Product Owner | UC/CX Consultant

Bart de Bruijn

My experience

With over 15 years of experience as a digital product strategist in UX, Product Management and Product Marketing, I have helped to design and market various technologies, web services, mobile applications, software and e-commerce services. I have worked for successful companies such as OD2, Nokia and Wacom, where I was responsible for high-performance products such as Nokia Music, Comes With Music, Bamboo Paper, Inkspace, Intuos and Wacom´s Software Marketplace, reaching millions of users, users and customers worldwide.

your questions

  • How can design thinking and agile working lead to a better product and help my organization succeed?
  • How do I successfully bring my digital product to market - what are the tasks of marketing, sales, product, support?
  • Can I use agile (digital) product development even if my organization is not (yet) agile?
  • The commitment to our digital products/services is not sufficient, how do I improve them and where do I start?
  • How do I set up an effective project team and how do I manage the whole thing?

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