Armin Iskander

Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Customer Service, CRM, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Product Management, Digital

Armin Iskander

My experience

Armin Iskander is the founder and Managing Director of Iskander Business Partner with an industry focus on media, telecommunications, insurance, automotive and consumer electronics.

Selected projects by Armin Iskander include interim management at management level for various CRM and customer service functions, the establishment of a product management department at a pay-TV company and the function as responsible partner for the growth strategy in the area of sales and marketing Germany in the market structure upheaval at a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, including the launch of a partnership with a telecommunications company.

your questions

  • Customer Management from Customer Experience, CRM, Customer Service to Marketing and Sales! How can I determine and raise potentials?
  • Product & Innovation: Product Launches, Creative Product Ideas, Goto Market, Products in the end of life! How can I get more out of my product portfolio?
  • Digitalization from the new business model to the digital user stories to the internal digital transformation! How do I increase the potential of digitisation?

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